Tasmanian Tiger

Thylacinus cynocephalus

The Tasmanian tiger was Australia's only known carnivorous marsupial. Named after its prominent stripes, it was reported to be a relatively shy animal.

Due to to Australia's unique ecology, the Tasmanian tiger was able to take the role of an apex predator, similar to that of a wolf in Europe.

Unlike a wolf however, the Tasmanian tiger was not a fast runner. It relied instead on its extraordinary endurance. This allowed it to track prey for miles in Australia's harsh bushland.


Countries where the Tasmanian Tiger lived


The Tasmanian Tiger lived in the bushland of Australia.

Tasmanian Tiger habitat


The Tasmanian tiger originally lived throughout Australia. It was driven to extinction on the mainland 2000 years ago. It is thought that this is due to the relatively rapid appearance of Indigenous people and dingoes. The arrivers represented a much more effective apex predator, and the Tasmanian tiger was unable to compete for food.

Despite dying out on the mainland, the Tasmanian tiger continued to survive in Tasmania for a lot longer.

When European settlers arrived in Tasmania, the tigers began hunting their sheep. The Tasmanian government put up bounties for their kill. They were quickly wiped out. The last known sighting was in 1930.

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