Bali tiger

Panthera tigris balica

The Bali Tiger was the smallest known tiger subspecies, native to the Indonesian Island of Bali. It was known for its unique fur coloring.

The Bali tiger was a close relative of the also extinct Java tiger. They are thought to have evolved from a common ancestor, split due to rising sea levels. All of the descendant of this ancestor species are markedly smaller than those on the Asian mainland. The Bali tiger was the smallest of all, ranging from 65 - 100kg (143 - 220lb).


Countries where the Bali tiger lived


The Bali tiger lived especially in the mountain areas in the west of the island.

Bali tiger habitat


The tigers were both revered and feared by Balinese people. They were deliberately culled for many years. This was exacerbated by the arrival of Duth colonialists. The Europeans would conduct many hunting parties during this period.

The last confirmed sighting was in 1937. There were many reported sightings throughout the 20th Century, but none confirmed.

Extinction Year

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